Listed alphabetically by group name:

Attitudes for Healing (Napa): Lynne Law, Sheryl Mishan, Frances Sokolowski, Nancy Wilson

Attitudinal Healing (Marinwood): Ann Moran, Barbara Stockwell

Attitudinal Healing (San Francisco): Monika Branch, Tammie Grant, Beverly Mann, Michael Wayne

Couples Living with Illness (Greenbrae): Diane Brandon, Andy Alpine

The Elders’ Circle (San Rafael): Hermann Clasen, Larry Gorski, Steve Olian

Healing with Feeling (for those who are HIV+) (San Rafael): Diane Barnes, Carolyn Smith

Men 4 Men Group (a group for gay men) (San Rafael):: Mark Oliver

Person to Person (Greenbrae): Richard Pullano, Joanne Weiss

San Quentin Group: Holly Bacuzzi

Spousal/Partner Bereavement Group (San Rafael): Charlene Dean, Larry Gorski, Michael Wayne

Women with Metastatic Cancer (Greenbrae): Sharon Burt, Karen Isenberg, Sheila O’Donnell

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